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Go home dad you’re drunk 0 replies Alcohol Related Jokes
Funny Golf Joke 0 replies Marriage and Family Related Jokes
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip 0 replies Uncategorized Jokes
Hunting Joke - Hehe 0 replies Uncategorized Jokes
You’re An EXTREME Redneck When 0 replies Redneck Jokes
The Truth About College: 0 replies School and Teacher Jokes
How to Make Pumpkin Pie 1 reply Uncategorized
Puppy Kisses - MUAH! 2 replies Kids
The Buffalo Theory 0 replies Alcohol Related Jokes
The Ultimate Boyfriend Remote Control 0 replies Uncategorized
Computer Keyboard for Blondes 0 replies Blonde Jokes
Beer - Always Better with Head 1 reply Uncategorized
Facebook - Where Everyone Knows Your Name 0 replies Uncategorized
I survived George W! 0 replies Uncategorized
Let's Get Ready to Stumble 0 replies Uncategorized
Funny Dumb Blonde Quickie Jokes 0 replies Blonde Jokes
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Lawyers should never ask grandmas a question 0 replies Lawyer Jokes
Top 50 Oxymorons 0 replies Uncategorized Jokes
Never make women angry 0 replies Marriage and Family Related Jokes
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