'Smallville' may l stick around

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'Smallville' may l stick around

Last week, the announcement was made that "Smallville" was planning to end in 2011, after the show wrapped up his landmark 10th season.

However, is that really the case? In a new interview with E! Online, series star Tom Welling didn't necessarily proclaim that the show would be dead in the water if fans came out to support them:

You never know. If you don't know this already, as a fan you guys have all the power. The more people that watch, the more chance the show has to continue. We're not here for ten season without the fans. That's the truth."

In addition, he also said he was hoping for past star Michael Rosebaum to return in a guest role to play Lex Luthor:

"I'm doing everything I can to get Michael Rosenbaum back. Michael, please. You can't have the show without Lex Luthor. And there's no Lex Luthor to me except Michael. He's the best."

Would you like to see "Smallville" stick around, or are you surprised the show is actually still on? Let me know your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more of the latest TV news.

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